New Ultra Loss Shake (500g) Expand

New Ultra Loss Shake (500g)

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  • 30 g (1 serving), 500 g (16 servings)


  • chocolate
  • strawberry
  • vanilla
  • hazelnut

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  • Complex protein sources (whey protein concentrate and casein)
  • Complex carbs
  • Dietary fibres
  • Stevia
  • Free of sugar, gluten and lactose*

The BioTechUSA for Her product range was created to provide a complete body-shaping solution for women. It was of primary importance to create products which do not contain any sugar, lactose*, preservatives or GMO. The active ingredients of our premium quality products will help you set out on a new journey. A journey that will take you to a woman’s greatest treasure – self-confidence.

*In case of powder products, the statement applies to products dissolved in water and ready to consume.


Ultra Loss is a meal replacement shake with 50% protein content, with added vitamins and dietary fibres, now available for women in an improved version free of sugar and lactose, also sweetened with stevia.

With a complex carbohydrate content, the protein content of Ultra Loss contributes to growing and maintaining muscle mass and normal bones. Besides other vitamins and calcium, the product also contains magnesium, vitamin B12 and niacin. Magnesium contributes to normal protein synthesis, normal muscle function and the normal functioning of the nervous system. Niacin and vitamin B12 contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue. Our company is committed to sustainable palm oil production, which is also why it was used as ingredient of Ultra Loss.


The wishes of ladies are mostly focused on losing weight. Mixed with water, Ultra Loss only contains 106 calories and can, therefore, be integrated into your diet perfectly. It’s a great choice to replace your supper, even every evening, and since it’s available in a number of delicious flavours, you’ll never get bored with it.


You keep hearing and reading that one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet is to have 4-5 meals a day, possibly. On weekdays, however, you often don’t even have enough time to eat your breakfast or lunch. That’s when quick and convenient Ultra Loss comes in handy! Just put the powder in a shaker, mix it with 300 ml water, shake it and it's ready to drink.

Per serving (30 g):

  • 106 kcal
  • 15 g protein
  • 5,1 g carbohydrate
  • 4.8 g fibre
  • 1.8 g fat
  • 160 mg bromelain protein-digesting enzyme
  • 12 vitamins
  • calcium and magnesium
  • 105 mg green coffee extract
  • 300 mg L-carnitine L-tartrate
  • hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10

Who is Ultra Loss recommended to?

  • anyone, since, due to its 50% protein content, it’s a great source of nutrients
  • those who want to lose weight through lower calorie intake
  • those sensitive to lactose


FLAVOURS: chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, sour cherry-yogurt

INGREDIENTS: whey protein concentrate, inulin, fat-reduced cocoa powder, calcium caseinate (contains milk), maltodextrin, thickener (cellulose gum), emulsifier: lecithins (soy), L-carnitine-L-tartrate, flavourings, salt, bromelain powder, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid (0.44%), Green coffee (Coffee robusta) bean extract (10:1), corn starch, sweetener (sucralose), magnesium oxide (0.17%), L-ascorbic acid, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide, coenzyme Q10, retinyl acetate, D-pantothenate, calcium, cholecalciferol, thiamin mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin. Made in a plant that manufactures milk, egg, gluten, soy, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide and nuts containing foods.

WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children. Store product tightly closed between 5-25°C (41-77°F) and the relative humidity below 70%. Keep away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight.

NUTRITION FACTS: 100 g /30 g (serving size 30 g, servings per container: 16): Energy 1493 kJ/354 kcal (18%**)/448 kJ/106 kcal, Fat 4.6 g (7%**)/1.4 g, of which saturates 2.7 g (14%**)/0.8 g, Carbohydrate 15 g (6%**)/4.5 g, of which sugars 4.4 g (5%**)/1.3 g, Fibre 16 g (²)/4.8 g, Protein 55 g (110%**)/17 g, Salt 1.2 g (20%**)/0.36 g, Vitamin A 1465 μg (183%***)/440 μg, Vitamin D 8.9 μg (178%***)/2.7 μg, Vitamin E 16 mg (133%***)/4.9 mg, Vitamin C 165 mg (206%***)/49 mg, Vitamin B1 2.7 mg (242%***)/0.8 mg, Riboflavin 2.7 mg (190%***)/0.8 mg, Niacin 27 mg (166%***)/8.0 mg, Pantothenic acid 8.9 mg (148%***)/2.7 mg, Vitamin B6 2.7 mg (190%***)/0.8 mg, Folic acid 355 μg (178%***)/107 μg, Vitamin B12 8.0 μg (320%***)/2.4 μg. **Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal). ²No RI has been established. ***Nutrient reference value for adults. Sugarfree: <0.5 g sugar/100 ml ready to drink product. Gluten free: <20 mg gluten/kg powder.

OTHER ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN 1 SERVING (30 G): Inulin 4700 mg, L-carnitine L-tartrate 309 mg, -of which L-carnitine 211 mg, Bromelain enzyme 159 mg, Green coffee extract 105 mg, -of which chlorogenic acid 47 mg, Hyaluronic acid 9 mg, Q10 coenzyme 6 mg.

RECOMMENDED USE: Mix 1 serving (30 g = 1 level scoop = 3 level tablespoons) product with 300 ml water. Take one serving daily as a meal replacement. For best results, use a blender or a shaker bottle. Do not exceed the recommended dosage! NOTE: We advise that all servings are measured using an accurate set of scales. While we make every attempt to provide an accurate equivalent measure using our scoops, these are only approximate and are not a substitute for using a standardized measuring device.

It all started in the past millenium… BioTech USA has been selling premium quality sports supplements since 1999.

With over 400 employees, more than 110 franchise stores and a distribution in 52 countries we are a major player on the sports supplement market. To ensure quality service and products every BioTech USA Team member undertakes training programs in nutrition, sport supplementation and sport sciences.

BioTech USA offers a variety of 330 different products  that are subject to continuous improvement and innovation. All of them are produced in controlled environment with safe, doping-free, carefully selected ingredients.

Choose BioTech USA and get your results!


We thrive to offer an ideal alternative to every demand related to sports, exercise and health. Beyond excellent quality products, our professional background ensures a proper response to any customer need.


  • In-house laboratory

  • Strict quality control of each production batch

  • International food safety standards including ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, IFS and GMP

  • All of our products are 100% Doping-Free and Laboratory Tested, Banned Substance Free, comply with the directives of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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